Discipleship Training

We're moving from Sunday evenings to Wednesday's at 6:30pm.  

Beginning later this month (January 23rd), Wednesday evenings will offer TWO options:

1)  Discipleship Training

     - where we delve deeply into God's Word:  usually with the aid of a study guide and opportunity for individual study on a daily basis throughout the week; led by Bobby B., our Discipleship Training Director.

2)  Prayer and Bible Time

     - where we spend most of our time together talking with God and reading from the Bible.  Have Bible questions or life application issues?  Pastor Jeremy will use this time to respond to your questions, pointing to God's answers found in the Bible.


For Discipleship Training, typically we concentrate on a selected book of the Bible and use a study book to help guide us through a 6-week to 12-week series--individual readings during the week, followed by sharing special "nuggets" when we review the material together (previously on Sunday evenings).  Beginning January 2019, we'll begin our focus on the Book of Acts using one of Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe's "Be Alive" series of commentaries: 

BE DYNAMIC - Experience the Power of God's People (Acts 1-12)

Contact Bobby B. or the church (804-932-4906) to receive a copy of the commentary and join the study group.   You can jump in anytime!!



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