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12/09/2018 Dec 2nd Sunday When Your Dream Becomes a Nightmare  (Matthew 2)
12/02/2018 Dec 1st Sunday Jesus, the A-Team and the Begats (Matthew 1)
11/25/2018 Nov 4th Sunday ThanksLiving Continued (Psalm 100)
11/18/2018 Nov 3rd Sunday ThanksLiving (Hebrews 13:15)
11/11/2018 Nov 2nd Sunday The Church--"My Neighbor" (Luke 10:27)
11/04/2018 Nov 1st Sunday The Church--"All In" (Romans 6:1-4)
10/28/2018 Oct 4th Sunday Jesus Prays for Us (John 17:20-26) with Jerry Heslinga
10/21/2018 Oct 3rd Sunday Reckless Love (Luke 15:1-2,11-32) with Jerry Heslinga
10/13/2018 Oct 2nd Sunday No Services, Power Outage
10/07/2018 Oct 1st Sunday

Convictions (Daniel 1) with Jerry Heslinga

09/30/2018 Sep 5th Sunday Good News Is For Sharing (II Kings 7:3-11) with Jerry Heslinga
09/23/2018 Sep 4th Sunday How I am the Church (Titus 3) with Pastoral Candidate, Jeremy Smith
09/16/2018 Sep 3rd Sunday Defining a Healthy Church:  A Healthy Church is Caring (John 13:1-5)
09/09/2018 Sep 2nd Sunday Defining a Healthy Church:  A Healthy Church is Committed  (Colossians 3:16-17)
09/02/2018 Sep 1st Sunday Defining a Healthy Church:  A Healthy Church is Committed (Matthew 16:13-19)
08/26/2018 Aug 4th Sunday What About the Future?  The Coming King of Kings (1 Thessalonians4:16-18)
08/19/2018 Aug 3rd Sunday What About the Future?  The Coming Man of Sin (2 Thessalonians 2:7-8)
08/12/2018 Aug 2nd Sunday What About the Future?  The Coming Time of Trouble (Zephaniah 1:14-17)
08/05/2018 Aug 1st Sunday I'd Follow Jesus BUT...I'll Do It Later (Acts 17:32-33)
07/29/2018 Jul 5th Sunday I'd Follow Jesus BUT...I Can't Afford It (Mark 10:21-22)
07/22/2018 Jul 4th Sunday I'd Follow Jesus BUT...It Doesn't Make Sense (John 20:24-25)
07/15/2018 Jul 3rd Sunday I'd Follow Jesus BUT...There's a Better Way (Luke 22:47-48)
07/08/2018 Jul 2nd Sunday

I'd Follow Jesus BUT...I'm Too Busy
(Luke 10:38-42)

07/01/2018 Jul 1st Sunday

Knowing God's Way (1 Samuel 8:4-7)


Jun 4th Sunday
Jun 3rd Sunday
Using God Selfishly  (1Samuel 4:3)
Listening for God's Voice                     (1Samuel 3:10-11)
06/10/2018 Jun 2nd Sunday Does Prayer Make a Difference? (1Samuel 1:10-11)
06/03/2018 Jun 1st Sunday What Does The Lord's Supper Mean? (1 Corinthians 10:16-17)

May 4th Sunday (Memorial Day)

Remember What? (Exodus 12:14)
05/20/2018 May 3rd Sunday God's Surprises (Hebrews 11:11)
05/13/2018 May 2nd Sunday The Persistent Mother (Matthew 15:21-28)
05/06/2018 May 1st Sunday A Focused Body (Luke 22:14-20)
04/29/2018 Apr 5th Sunday  God's Purpose for the Church (John 17:22-23)
Apr 4th Sunday 
Recognizing the Real Enemy (1 Peter 5:8-9)
04/15/2018 Apr 3rd Sunday  Accountable to God (Romans 14:10)
04/08/2018 Apr 2nd Sunday  Connected to One Another (Ephesians 4:4)


Easter Sunday 

The Promise of Easter (1Corinthians 15:56-58)


Maundy Thursday

Understanding Maundy Thursday (Matthew 26:17-29)

03/25/2018 Mar 4th Sunday The Purpose of Easter (John 12:12-16)
03/18/2018 Mar 3rd Sunday The Power of Easter (John 19:28-30)
03/11/2018 Mar 2nd Sunday The Cross--Foolishness or Power                (1 Corinthians 1:18-25)


Mar 1st Sunday What Makes a Nation Great? (Nehemiah 9:1-3)
02/25/2018 Feb 4th Sunday  God's Word is Indispensable (Nehemiah 8:1-3)
02/18/2018 Feb 3rd Sunday Facing Our Giants (Nehemiah 4:4-6)
02/11/2018 Feb 2nd Sunday Can We Build It? (Nehemiah 2:20-3:1)
02/04/2018  Feb 1st Sunday  Where Do We Start (Nehemiah 1:4-6)
01/28/2018 Jan 4th Sunday  Matthew 11:25-30 with Carlton Holloway



Jan 3rd Sunday

Jan 2nd Sunday

How to Make a Fresh Start with Ronnie Eason

The Gift Goes On with Howard Rhodes
01/07/2018 Jan 1st Sunday  No Services, Inclement Weather
   12/31/2017 Dec 5th Sunday A Prayer for the New Year with Jerry Heslinga
   12/24/2017 Dec 4th Sunday  Cantata, Joy of Every Longing Heart
   12/17/2017 Dec 3rd Sunday Regifting with Jim Coleman
   12/10/2017 Dec 2nd Sunday  No Services, Inclement Weather
   12/03/2017 Dec 1st Sunday I Believe in the Son of God with Wayne Hines
   11/26/2017 Nov 4th Sunday  Love: Agape | Phileo | Eros with Carey Lamb
   11/19/2017 Nov 3rd Sunday Surviving the Storms of Life with Wayne Hines


Nov 2nd Sunday

Beware of the Wolves with Wayne Hines


Nov 1st Sunday

Show Us the Father with Lee Lamb


Oct 5th Sunday

Letters with Jim Coleman


Oct 4th Sunday

How do you smell? with Jerry Heslinga


Oct 3rd Sunday

Encountering Jesus with Jerry Heslinga


Oct 2nd Sunday

The Evidence of Baptism in the Holy Spirit with Sky Cline


HOMECOMING Celebration

God's Stoplights with Vander Warner, Jr. (former interim pastor)

   09/24/2017 Sep 4th Sunday What legacy will you leave? with Jerry Heslinga
   09/17/2017 Sep 3rd Sunday Giving Forgiveness with Howard Rhodes
   09/10/2017 Sep 2nd Sunday From Luke 14:25-33 with Sky Cline
   09/03/2017 Sep 1st Sunday xxx with xxxWho Cares? with Wayne Hines
   08/27/2017 Aug 4th Sunday

Keeping the Faith:  What Youth Teach Us with Sam Duenckel, Dover Baptist Association--Missions

   08/20/2017 Aug 3rd Sunday

Rediscovering the Posture of Jesus with Dan Reeves

   08/13/2017 Aug 2nd Sunday The "Imperishable" Nature of Our Salvation with Sky Cline
   08/06/2017 Aug 1st Sunday Commission and Promotion Ceremony of Travis Barrino, Chaplain USAF
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